Gonell Developments is a team of precision craftspeople who collaborate with their clients to build the future they envision.

Specializing in Custom Builds, Additions, Renovations and Commercial, we don’t build—we create the spaces you’ve dreamed of. From start to finish, we work with you to perfect even the finest details, constructing a unique space where you will feel cared for.

Will Gonell, Principal

Will Gonell founded the company out of his love for creation.

When you speak with Will, you immediately know he isn’t going to “sell” anything to you. His passion for quality, precision, and great relationships with those around him are easy to spot; big or small, he pours his heart into every project he takes on.

He shares his experience and knowledge to help you plan your home better. He learns from building science, constantly learning and educating himself—and his clients. Will is a precision planner and understands that people's needs change over time. He uses his vast experience to ensure his projects meet the current and future needs of everyone involved. He shares his knowledge and passion readily with complete transparency, involving you in each step and decision. Ask him a question and Will is ready to give you all the answers openly and honestly. His openness is refreshing and you’d find it difficult not to share in his enthusiasm for his work—the enthusiasm for your project.

Will entered the trades because of his love of detail and creation… building something from nothing and working to perfection, be it a simple design or an intricate piece. He won’t tell you about the awards he has won; he will enthusiastically tell you about the ways he continually works on his craft, learns, and improves his knowledge, and how he loves to share his excitement. One look at his Instagram account will show you the passion he has for his work and for improving the building industry as a whole. He doesn’t want to work for you—he wants to work with you.